Chelatna Lake Lodge Alaska
Chelatna Lake Lodge Alaska



Wintertime at Chelatna Lake Lodge offers a truly unique journey into an untouched winter wonderland. Make the most of the winter season by snowmobiling out to watch the sunset on Denali, experiencing awe-inspiring Northern Lights and relaxing in a lakeside hot tub at the day’s end.

Your adventure begins in Anchorage as you jump on a bush plane for a truly picturesque flight to our lodge. Chelatna Lake Lodge is situated 100 miles North into the remote Alaska Range, right outside of Denali National Park. The scenic flight in features beautiful views of Mt. Denali, the tallest peak in North America. Landing at Chelatna Lake is spectacular as you come down to land on the frozen lake itself, framed by snowy peaks.

Winter opens up endless possibilities at Chelatna Lake. Deep snowfall means we can easily navigate incredible terrain which remains inaccessible all throughout the spring, summer and fall. Enjoy exploring the endless landscape by snowmobile with our experienced guides. 

The Aurora Borealis

A true destination for viewing the Northern Lights

Chelatna Lake Lodge offers one of the best Northern Lights or Aurora Viewing of anywhere in Alaska. The fact that we are off of the road system and not close to any cities or towns means that we have no competing light pollution. This fact along, with our beautiful Northern view of the sky and the Alaska Range of Denali National Park makes Chelatna Lake Lodge one of the best Northern Lights viewing destinations of anywhere in world. 

The Denali View

Chelatna Lake Lodge is one of the closest lodges to Denali, both the mountain and the National Park. Not only will you likely see North America's tallest peak on the flight into Chelatna Lake (weather permitting), but one of the best viewing points of the mountain is only a short and easy snowmobile ride from the lodge.

Denali View001

The Snowmobiling 

At Chelatna Lake we lodge we have some of the best terrain and snow conditions for riders of any experience level. The diverse terrain means it can be as novice or challenging as each group prefers.


  • Guided snowmobile tours
  • Denali sunset viewing 
  • Northern Lights / Aurora viewing
  • Ice Skating
  • Ice Fishing
  • Hot tub/sauna
  • Sledding
  • Photo Workshop (Call or email for dates)


(All Inclusive, Round Trip Air Taxi Included (From Anchorage))

  • 4 Nights - $3900 Per Person
  • 3 Nights - $3200 Per Person
  • 2 Nights - $2400 Per Person
  • 1 Night  - $1500 Per Person

Rates include: 

  • Roundtrip airfare from Anchorage (rates will change if coming from Talkeetna)
  • Daily guided activities
  • Three hearty meals prepared daily (Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and desert)