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Chelatna Lake Lodge is located just outside Denali's southern boundary.

Accessible only by plane, our remote location offers an exclusive retreat from the crowds at the Park entrance, allowing you to embrace the Denali wilderness with the tranquility that it deserves. Nestled a hundred miles northwest of Anchorage, and within a one hour flight, our lodge provides unrivaled access to the Alaskan backcountry. While technically outside the park, you’ll witness wildlife, embrace true solitude, and wake up every morning to a pristine landscape without the tourist hustle. 

With peace and quiet there also comes exploration. Whether embarking on raft or jet boat excursions, taking helicopter adventure tours, flightseeing the glaciers and peaks of Denali National Park, or fly fishing on your very own river, our location provides a diverse array of activities. Escape the ordinary, and contact us for more insights into how you can enjoy one of the best trips that the Denali region has to offer.