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Old Chelatna Lake Lodge, built in 1939


The original Chelatna Lake Lodge was built in 1939.

Since 1980, the Bertke family has managed Chelatna Lake Lodge, but its roots extend to Denali National Park's inception after Woodrow Wilson signed the legislation in 1917. At the time, Anchorage had less than 5,000 residents who made a living off of trapping and prospecting for gold. This period witnessed dirt roads dominating the landscape, and the aviation industry was in its nascent stages.

In 1939, a group of two Norweigans bushwhacked their way to Chelatna Lake, crafting the original cabin with hand tools and local spruce. Still operational, this cabin offers a nostalgic space for fly-tying, board games, and warming up after a day on the water. In little over a decade, our lodge will boast a century-old legacy. Despite changes since the industrial revolution, our lodge’s charm and remote essence endure. As an Alaskan-owned establishment, we cherish our history, evident in wood stoves and hand-painted original artwork. Staying with us isn’t just lodging; it’s embracing a piece of Alaskan history.