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Self Guided

It's a lot harder to find a career in the fly fishing space than one might think. It's a niche industry, and like many others, it's protected by older generations who have firm opinions and a track record of weeding people out. But what does that mean for the next generation of anglers trying to figure out their own path? For Joseph Clark and many ...

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Hanging out with our friends at Regal Air

 We had a great weekend with our friends at Regal Air! Good food, good friends and a big bonfire! Nothing better than that. Check out these photos of the Regal de Havilland DHC-2 Beaver taking off from Chelatna Lake.

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Turn a cup of tea into snow!

Have you ever seen boiling water turn to snow? This amazing effect only happens when the outside tempurature is extremely cold. This past week, we've experienced temperatures below -20ºF! Even though it's so cold, we still enjoy the beauty of Chelatna everyday. 

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Bird watching at Chelatna

The bird life at Chelatna never ceases to amaze. On some days in the Spring, we can see upwards of 20 different species- but we still get some surprises! If you are interested in bird watching or bird life in Alaska, Chelatna is the place to be. We enjoy a diversity of species during the springtime when the birdwatching is at its best. One of our f...

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