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Hanging out with our friends at Regal Air

We had a great weekend with our friends at Regal Air! Good food, good friends and a big bonfire! Nothing better than that.

Check out these photos of the Regal de Havilland DHC-2 Beaver taking off from Chelatna Lake.

IMG 9976

IMG 9974


Turn a cup of tea into snow!

Have you ever seen boiling water turn to snow? This amazing effect only happens when the outside tempurature is extremely cold. This past week, we've experienced temperatures below -20ºF!

Even though it's so cold, we still enjoy the beauty of Chelatna everyday. 

IMG 0019

IMG 0040


The swans are here!

Trumpeter & Tundra Swan Viewing

Each spring we look forward to the return of the Trumpeter and Tundra Swans to Chelatna. Once the river begins to melt, the swans flock to the area to begin mating. We usually hear a lot of honking and splashing down by the river which lets us know they have arrived!

IMG 8358

We are lucky enough to see this event each year and it's one of the most spectaular wildlife viewing experiences.

IMG 8529

IMG 8528

How many swans can you count in the photo below?

IMG 2474

The Bald Eagles are also out enjoying the springtime sun!

IMG 8425

The bird watching at Chelatna never disappoints!

Bird Watching

Bird watching at Chelatna 

The bird life at Chelatna never ceases to amaze. On some days in the Spring, we can see upwards of 20 different species- but we still get some surprises!

If you are interested in bird watching or bird life in Alaska, Chelatna is the place to be. We enjoy a diversity of species during the springtime when the birdwatching is at its best.

One of our favorite times of the year!

IMG 0519

The past two years we had a nesting mother eagle with her chicks right near our fishing hole. 

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IMG 2917

IMG 2459

The Pine Grosbeaks (below) are a favorite around here as they've been known to eat seed right from your hand- if you're lucky! 

IMG 1643

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Northern Lights Photography at Chelatna

Northern Lights and Denali Photography Experience

Winter in Alaska is the perfect setting for any photographer. With dynamic light all day and the Aurora at night, it’s hard not to get a good photo here! Wayfare Collective took full advantage of the wintertime scenery here at Chelatna Lake for their 2019 Northern Lights Photography Trip. 

We met a group of amazing photographers and saw their inspiration come to life over the week. The Aurora put on an impressive show for their first night here which set the tone for a great trip!


 Photo by Jillian Brown (@jillianbrownphotography)                        

The view in the morning was almost just as good! Clear and crisp at Chelatna. 


Photo by Jillian Brown (@jillianbrownphotography)


Photo by Jillian Brown (@jillianbrownphotography)

The photographers wanted to get some shots of Denali (of course!) so our guides took them out to see "The Great One" – by snowmobile. Not too bad! Lots of powder made for happy guests.  


denali adventure

Thank you to Wayfare Collective and all the photographers!