Chelatna Lake Blog

White Eagle

This last week on numerous occaisions, we have seen a mostly white eagle flying around the lodge. I was finally able to take some photos of it flying around and fighting with another bald eagle. I sent the photographs into Alaska Department of Fish and Game, and after they sent it around to numerous bird and raptor experts around the country, the concesus was that it is a partially albino bald eagle, or a bald eagle with leaucism. Very cool! 

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May 27th - Boat in the water!

May 27th, 2018 - The ice on the lake finally broke just enough to put a boat in the water. Also I found a 16 ounce tall boy beer in one of the empty staff cabins that somehow survived the freeze of winter. Happy day! Tomorrow we hope to be able to navigate down river and see if we can pick up some trout and grayling. Fishing season is finally here!

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Denali Base Camp

This Mother's Day Sunday we decided to take advantage of the nice weather and fly up to Denali base camp. A short 25 minute flight from the lodge, Denali base camp sits on the upper part of the Kahiltna Glacier right at the base of Mount Hunter. The fresh sun warmed snow made for a very smooth landing as we set down on the glacier.

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