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Denali Base Camp

Published: May 16, 2018

This Mother's Day we decided to take advantage of the nice weather and fly up to Denali base camp!

A short 25 minute flight from the lodge, Denali base camp sits on the upper part of the Kahiltna Glacier right at the base of Mount Hunter.

The fresh sun warmed snow made for a very smooth landing as we set down on the glacier.

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 As soon as the propeller stopped spinning, we were greeted by numerous climbers pulling tubs, some of which thought we were their ride home.

We explained to them that we were just dropping in to take in the scenery and they all hiked back up to the camp. 

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We stuck around for about another 30 minutes. Climbing season was definitely in full swing!

During our short time there, we saw numerous other Talkeetna based aircrafts come and go, including a Sheldon Air Service 185, a K2 Aviation Turbine Otter, and 2 Talkeetna Air Taxi Beavers.

Most of the other pilots we talked to were very interested where we had come from that we could still be on straight skis on May 13th! 



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